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When It's Time to Repipe Your Home

The Signs to Watch For
Everything has a lifespan, including the pipes in your home. Particularly if they are older, galvanized steel pipes (in homes built in the early 1980's or before) they will become corroded and leaky, or so clogged with scale that a one inch pipe now has a channel of 1/8 of an inch. You might notice rust on exposed pipes, discolorations in your ceiling or walls from leaks, a drop in water pressure or rusty-colored water coming from your tap. Leaking sewer pipes may allow smelly - and potentially explosive - methane into your home. If you notice any of these signs, don't hesitate to give us a call; old leaking pipes in danger of bursting can cause thousands of dollars of property damage. We'll help you determine if you simply have an isolated leak or if it's a system-wide problem.

Call for a Free Estimate
Repiping is a complex job - we know, we've been doing it for decades. It's important that you know the scope of the work that needs to be done and the associated costs. If your home does need repiping, we'll determine the extent of the work and give you a free estimate before we get your OK to begin. Then we'll get you through this period as efficiently and neatly as possible.

Minimizing Cost, Maximizing Quality - Guaranteed
At W.J. Maloney, we've learned that working with a combination of pex piping in interior walls and copper piping where pipes are exposed does the best job possible for you at the best cost. Pex is a cross-linked polyethylene pipe that is very durable under temperature extremes and chemical attack, making Pex an excellent material for hot water and other applications. It is flexible, making it easy to install and service, and it's quieter than rigid piping. Pex systems have fewer joints and are easier to install providing a lower cost installation over traditional plumbing materials. Copper is the best, corrosion-resistant pipe for exterior applications.

We warranty both copper and pex repipes for a full 10 years parts and labor.

What's Involved
Depending on the size of your home and the number of bathrooms, whole house re-piping can take as little as a few days or up to a week or more. And while there's no doubt that repiping is an involved, sometimes messy business, we do everything we can to minimize inconveniences to you, as well as to keep your home as neat as possible. Please read what a repiping customer had to say about us:

We wanted to take the opportunity to tell you how impressed we were with the service your company provided during the re-pipe at our house. During a labor-intensive, five days, Paul was a true professional. Several other plumbers from your company came to offer assistance and they too were professional and conscientious. Your staff truly works as a team to determine the most efficient way to complete the job. We were impressed with their promptness, expertise, the neat appearance of your trucks and the truly professional manner in which your employees completed the job. You are our plumbing company of choice.

Kathryn & Paul Moroz, Phoenix

Why Repipe?
In a word - relief. Old, clogged, leaky pipes have the potential for disastrous property damage, cause increased utility expenses and mold invasion, depress your property value, and, of course, deliver poor quality water and water pressure. Re-piping your older home may decrease your water bill while it increases your comfort, convenience and peace of mind - as well as the resale value of your home.

If you suspect that you have problems with your older pipes, don' t wait until a major leak damages your home; call us to set an appointment for a free inspection today.

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