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Remodeling Your Laundry Room

So, your kitchen is lovely and your bathroom has become a place to linger rather than lather and run - what's next? More and more people are deciding that their laundry room need not be a cheerless cell that just accentuates the drudgery of, well, doing the laundry. Instead, it can be a bright spot in your house, a well-planned room that streamlines the task while lightening your mood.

The biggest questions to ask when remodeling your laundry room is, are you simply remodeling an existing room, are you moving the room or are you creating a whole new room? Many home owners like to get the laundry room out of the basement or the garage (which in Arizona is either cold in the winter or broiling in the summer) and closer to the source of all that soiled laundry, the bedrooms. If you have the space, design in plenty of countertops for sorting, folding and ironing. You might also consider adding an area to hang clothes that need to drip-dry, including a drain for water runoff. Whatever you are planning, if your choice involves moving water lines or creating whole new hookups, we can help you plan a laundry room remodel that is both cost-effective and fulfills your needs.

Bringing in a Bar

If every time you entertain everyone always ends up in the kitchen - and you'd prefer that they didn't - you might consider adding a wet bar to your home. From premade bars to custom-built mini-entertainment centers to weekend DIY projects, there's a lot of variety to choose from. Do you want a simple bar with a sink, or are you thinking of refrigeration and ice-makers hidden behind those cabinet doors?

You can add wet bars just about anywhere inside and outside of your house. There are two philosophies: follow your existing water lines and see where, along the line, you find a good place for your new wet bar, or build the bar where you want and bring the plumbing to it. Either way, we'd be delighted to help you get the plumbing figured out in advance. Just give us a call early on for a free consultation.

The link below leads to the online "showroom" of our trusted vendor, with ideas for laundry and bar fixtures. We work closely with this vendor, which means that if you purchase their products through us we can install them under warranty and repair or replace them at no charge to you if they are defective. Please make a note of the name and model number of fixtures that interest you for ease in ordering. Also, call us for fixture suggestions for your bar or laundry.

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