Video drain checking, underground pipe leak detectionIt's 5:30 a.m., Saturday, on the 4th of July weekend and I get a call from a client - there's no hot water. So I call Alex and a plumber is there in 35 minutes. We have hot water back up by 2 in the afternoon. When you manage properties, it's service that counts. Maloney just shines at it. And you need someone who understands the construction of buildings, who can think on their feet and analyze problems - that takes care of 85% of my work. Maloney is exceptional at that.
- Elizabeth McFadden, The McFadden Group   

Building a Solid Service Reputation
When is it a tremendous advantage to have one of the Valley's foremost design build plumbing companies as your commercial service plumber? Whenever attention to detail, adherence to schedules and the thorough knowledge of construction that lets our technicians make quick, informed decisions in the field is important. Our construction expertise is one of the reasons that so many companies trust us to perform their maintenance, repair, remodel and TI work.

The other reason is service. We understand that if your water doesn't flow your operation doesn't go. Your tenants are unhappy. Your restaurant doesn't serve. So while we solve your plumbing problems, our real job is to keep you running efficiently and on time. We fulfill that responsibility with 24/7, 365 days per year service and a longstanding attitude of "get there, get it analyzed, get if fixed".

Our comprehensive knowledge of industrial plumbing, advanced detection and repair techniques, and our service-driven reputation make us the all-around plumbing company for your commercial needs. To put WJ Maloney on your preventative maintenance and repair team, call today to speak with our service department.

• All emergencies
• ADA fixture compliance
• Backflows: installations and testing
• Backflow enclosures
• Boilers
• Camera Sewer lines
• Drain Cleaning
• Electronic Leak Locating
• Fixture Repair & Replacement
• Gas lines
• Grease Interceptors
• Hydro Jetting
• Instant Water Heaters
• Leak Repairs
• Repipes: water (copper or pex) & gas
• Recirculation pumps
• Sensor valves
• Sinks
• Sump pumps
• Tankless Water Heaters
• Water Heaters
• Water Softeners and conditioners

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